Inspiring Stories

Politics impacts everyone, everyday. Anyone should be able to get involved in politics, whether it is just by voting or entering the sector as a career.
Read these stories from people who have got involved in politics, and maybe even get inspired to start your own journey into politics. 

Meet Ben

Ben Stanley was elected to be a member of the UK Youth Parliament in February 2017. Ben, who is enthusiastic about giving a greater voice to the young people in his area, Kent, exclusively spoke to The Speaker about his experiences during his year as a Member of Youth Parliament (MYP).

Meet Ribia

Ribia Nisa is an aspiring politician and is passionate about supporting her local communities.  The Speaker spoke to Ribia as she shared her tips, thoughts and opinions on the best way into Parliament, as well as telling her own personal story and goals.

Read Exclusive Interviews With MPs and Political Figures

The Speaker has interviewed multiple MPs and political figures to find out their political opinions, their journeys into politics and their tips for young people getting involved.

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