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Wednesday, 24 July 2024 – 23:07

Meet Our Team

At The Speaker, we deliver impartial and inclusive coverage of the latest political news on a mission to inspire the next generation in politics – but this would not be possible without our extraordinary team. Our team all come from different backgrounds, different places and with different ambitions, though what brings them all together is a collective enthusiasm for politics and motivation to inspire the next generation.

Leadership Board

Our Leadership Board oversee the daily running of The Speaker as a non-profit organisation and provide direction for our continued growth. Click on a photo below to learn more.

Co-Founder & Director of Training
Managing Editor


Team of Contributors

Our fantastic team of talented contributors drive forward our mission to inspire the next generation in politics. Our contributors create a range of accessible, explanatory and analytical political content to help the wider public understand politics. Click a photo below to learn more and read the latest content from our team.


At The Speaker, we like to celebrate the work of our past contributors, some of which can be found below. Many of our alumni have gone on to do great things since contributing to The Speaker, and we’re proud to have played a small part in their journey.

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Our Founders

The Speaker was co-founded by four politics students back in March 2018. Our co-founders spotted a gap in the market for an impartial and accessible political news website, especially one aimed at young people.

Nathan Shoesmith

Co Founder

George Bowman

George Bowman

Co Founder

Emily Oxbury

Co Founder

Henry Earl

Co Founder

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