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Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 00:21

Care workers encouraged to reflect on theme of community in writing competition

The coronavirus pandemic has shown moments of communities coming together, supporting one another.

As 2021 starts to draw to a close, The Care Workers’ Charity is launching their annual Writing Competition to give the UK social care workforce the opportunity to share their experiences around the theme of ‘community’.

Writing about the competition, Karolina Gerlich, CEO of The Care Workers’ Charity said;

“Our annual Writing Competition gives the platform to you, our UK social care workforce, to share your experiences.”

“The theme of this year’s Writing Competition is ‘Community’. Throughout the pandemic the strong bonds of communities have been highlighted, as people shared their kindness and supported one another. We want to hear your stories, poems, a day in the life commentary that reflects ‘Community’. The theme could cover anything and everything- from the care community you belong to with your social care colleagues, to the social care community at large, and the community of your local area. Taking part in the Writing Competition is a great way to think about what ‘Community’ means to you – so let your imagination go wild!

The top three entries will not only get their submissions published on our website, they will also win prize money (1st place will win £250 and the two runners up will win £125), stationary from Staedtler AND will have their submissions read out by 3 of our fantastic Charity Ambassadors; Kenny Doughty (ITV’s Vera), Rochenda Sandall (BBC’s Line of Duty) and Bradley James (BBC’s Merlin).”

The competition is being supported by The Care Umbrella who are donating the prize money, Staedtler who are donating stationary prizes, and a number of ambassadors of the Charity.

Entries for the competition can be submitted on social media or on the charity’s website before the deadline on 30 November 2021.

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