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Politics impacts us and our daily lives, so it is vital that we are able to get involved and have our say. This section highlights different ways to get involved in politics, from signing a petition, to voting in an election.

10 Ways To Get Involved In Politics

Vote in Elections
If you’re aged 16 or over (and meet citizen/residency requirements), you can register to vote in the UK. Once registered, you’ll be eligible to vote in UK elections from the age of 18. If you live in Scotland, you can register from the age of 14 and vote in some elections from the age of 16.
Create or Sign a Petition
If you’re passionate about pushing for change on a particular topic, you can create or a sign a petition or e-petition. E-petitions on the UK Parliament’s website receiving more than 10,000 signatures will receive a government response, while over 100,000 signatures could see the petition debated in the House of Commons.
Write to your MP
If you’d like to find out more about what politicians are doing on a particular topic, or would like to raise some concerns, you can contact the Member of Parliament (MP) for your constituency. Many MPs hold meetings in the community (also known as surgeries) and can also be contacted by email or phone.
Join a Political Party
Many people choose to affiliate with a political party. Once you’ve become a member of a political party, you might like to take part in local, regional or national party events, and campaign for the party in your constituency.
Stand as a candidate for the UK Youth Parliament
If you’re aged 11-18, you can stand to become a member of the UK Youth Parliament. The UK Youth Parliament provides opportunities for young people to use their voice to bring about social change through workshops, debating and campaigning.
Run to be a Member of Parliament (MP)
If you’re passionate about caring for others and driving positive change, why not consider becoming a Member of Parliament? To become a Member of Parliament you’ll need to campaign and gain support in a general election campaign.
Participate in Consultations and Focus Groups
Governments and other authorities will often ask members of the public to participate in consultations or focus groups to help it to better understand a particular topic or issue. Sharing your experience could help people make better decisions
Make Your Voice Heard
If you have opinions to share, why not consider writing your own blog, writing a letter to your local newspaper or submitting an article to an online publication. Sharing your opinion may inspire others to get involved and push for positive change.
Attend an Event or Demonstration
There are many different campaign groups that hold events, demonstrations and protests to argue for a particular cause. For example, people have left schools and workplaces over the last year to take part in a climate strike for the day.
Thousands of people volunteer each month to help improve their communities, either on their own or through community and social action groups. You don’t have to associate with a political party in order to make positive change.
Vote in Elections
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