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Sunday, 19 May 2024 – 18:02

Theresa May to say she is ‘eternally grateful to the NHS’

Theresa May is set to take on critics and say the Conservatives ‘deeply care’ about the NHS when she speaks at her party’s Spring Forum this weekend.

Theresa May is often subject to criticism and accusations of squeezing finances for the health service to breaking point. A&E waiting times continue to be lengthy, and investment from the Government into improving how the health service operates always seems to be lacking. However, the PM is set claim at the Conservatives Spring Conference that everyone in the party cares deeply about the services, uses them and some rely on them.

It is thought that the PM will say that the NHS was there for her when she was diagnosed with diabetes. 

Mrs May is expected to say that public doubts about the Conservatives’ commitments to health are ‘unfair.’ 

“While always defending our record in office, we also need to accept that our public services today do face real challenges, and we must be clear about the action we are taking to help them.”


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