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Friday, 14 June 2024 – 09:27

What’s happening next on Brexit?

The Brexit deadline of October 31 is less than 20 days away, but what is happening, and when, in preperation for our departure from the EU?

We’ve put together a little timeline of events to watch out for in the next few weeks. As with much of politics, this is subject to change and may depend on various factors – such as whether a deal is agreed with the EU.


Saturday 12 October 2019 – Negotiations Continuing

As it stands, an agreement on a Brexit deal is yet to be reached. After a deal looked increasingly unlikely at the start of the week, more positive signals were being spread in the later stages of the week and negotiations have been continuing.


Monday 14 October 2019 – Queen’s Speech

On Monday, the UK Parliament is set to return to work after a short suspension last week to prepare for a Queen’s Speech. The speech is set to take place on Monday and is where the government will announce its new domestic legislative agenda. During the week, MPs will then debate the speech.


Thursday 17 October 2019 – EU Summit

The two-day EU Summit begins in Brussels on Thursday. This is the last such meeting scheduled before the Brexit deadline and is considered the last chance before the deadline for EU leaders to approve a Brexit deal. If required, the principle of an extension may also possibly be discussed here.


Saturday 19 October 2019 – Special Sitting of Parliament

Parliament is to sit on Saturday to discuss the future of Brexit. It is thought that the sitting, due to be after a key EU summit, will be used to decide on the future of Brexit. If a deal is agreed, Boris Johnson will ask MPs to approve it, however, if a deal is not agreed, a range of options could be debated by MPs, including pursuing a no-deal, stopping Brexit altogether or maybe holding a form of People’s Vote. The sitting of the House of Commons on a Saturday may usually be considered unprecedented – it has only happened four times since 1939, including due to the outbreak of World War Two and the invasion of the Falkand Islands.


Saturday 19 October 2019 – Deadline to Request an Extension

Saturday is also the deadline under the Benn Act for the Prime Minister to request an extension to Brexit from the EU if no Brexit deal has been agreed.


Thursday 31 October 2019 – Brexit Deadline Day

The UK is currently due to leave the EU on October 31, with or without a deal. Unless some other agreement or arrangement is reached before then, this is the day that the UK will leave the European Union at 11pm local time in the UK.

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