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Friday, 24 May 2024 – 23:34
Preston City Centre

What are the new Coronavirus restrictions in Preston?

New restrictions were announced for Preston on Friday afternoon following concerns over the number of COVID-19 Coronavirus cases in the area.

The city in Lancashire joins others in the North West of England to face tightened Coronavirus restrictions as the government aims to reduce the risk of a second peak in cases of the virus.


What are the new restrictions?

Under the new restrictions, people from different households will not be allowed to meet inside houses or private gardens. Members of different households will also not be allowed to socialise in hospitality venues, such as in pubs and restaurants.

People from outside of Preston are also not allowed to meet inside the house or garden of someone living in Preston.


When do the new restrictions come into effect?

The restrictions are effective from midnight on the morning of Friday 8 August. 

The measures are set to be reviewed next week, with any changes being announced by the 14 August.


Where are the new restrictions effective?

The new restrictions only apply to people living within the Preston City Council area. Residents of other areas with a PR postcode are not impacted – such as those areas covered by Chorley Council. 


Is anyone exempt from the rules?

There are some exemptions – people who have formed a support bubble can continue to support each other and meet indoors.


Why have new restrictions been introduced?

The new restrictions follow a significant increase in Coronavirus cases in Preston recently. The restrictions being imposed are similar to those introduced recently in other parts of the North West, including Greater Manchester, East Lancashire and parts of West Yorkshire.

Along with the new restrictions, work is being done to increase the number of available testing facilities in the area. 


Will shops and venues such as gyms remain open?

The restrictions in Preston do not currently require shops, leisure or hospitality venues to close, though it is expected that people and businesses will be urged to take extra caution over the coming days and beyond. 

People in Preston can still visit these venues – they should just not mix with people from outside of their households.

Travel to and from the area is also not affected.


Can people meet others outside?

Yes, people can continue to meet outside in public places, however, this should be while social distancing and there should not be groups of more than six people meeting together (unless the group consists of more than six people from only two households). 

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