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Friday, 14 June 2024 – 11:06

Wales reviewing guidance on use of face masks and coverings in schools

Welsh Health Minister Vaughan Gething has said that the country’s Technical Advisory Group are looking again at guidance on the use of face coverings in schools.

Speaking during a Welsh Government Press Conference on Tuesday, Mr Gething said that the Government expected to hear advice from the group later in the day, including whether they recommended that the current guidance be changed. 

Currently, the Welsh Government has not recommended the use of face coverings in school settings.

Scotland’s Education Minister has though announced that pupils aged over 12 years old in Scotland will have to wear face coverings in corridors, communal areas and school buses from 31 August. Mr Swinney said that the change in guidance in Scotland follows recent guidance issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), which recommends that children over the age of 12 should wear face masks in the same ways as adults.

Asked about when the Welsh Government would decide about a policy for the use of face coverings in schools, Mr Gething indicated that a decision would be made by the end of Wednesday, ahead of schools returning in Wales from next week.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also come under pressure to give guidance on the issue, following the WHO’s updated guidance.



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