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Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 22:21

Wales amends Coronavirus restrictions on travel to other parts of the UK

Coronavirus regulations in Wales are to be amended to ban travel to and from tier three areas in England, level three and four areas in Scotland and the whole of Northern Ireland.

The updated restrictions will come into effect at 6pm on Friday (4 December). Previously, people could only travel out of Wales for ‘essential’ reasons.

People in Wales will also be advised not to travel to other parts of the UK with lower levels of Coronavirus, including tier one and two areas in England or level one and two areas in Scotland, as parts of efforts to help control the spread of COVID-19.

Travel to Northern Ireland is currently restricted as the whole country is in lockdown.

The above restrictions will be suspended between 23 and 27 December to allow families to form ‘bubbles’ over the Christmas period.

Speaking about the restrictions, First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford said;

“Coronavirus doesn’t respect borders – we all have a part to play in keeping Wales and the UK safe. Please think carefully about where you are going and what you are doing. This virus thrives wherever we come together with others. 

“Taken together with our other measures, these travel restrictions will help to keep us all safe.”

The new travel restrictions come following the end of England’s lockdown period on 2 December. Wales’ existing international travel restrictions currently remain in place.

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