The Speaker
Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 21:50

Vote Leave faces multiple allegations of overspending and illegal activity

The Vote Leave campaign is facing allegations of breaking the law and overspending in the Brexit campaign. 

Allegations have suggested links between Vote Leave and Cambridge Analytica. On Sunday, Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas called for an investigation into the allegations of links between the campaign and Cambridge Analytica.

A whistleblower told Channel 4 News in an interview that he believes that the EU Referendum “wasn’t legitimate.” It is thought that the Vote Leave campaign could have illegally overspent by using a sideline campaigning group based in its headquarters, BeLeave.

It is thought that Vote Leave donated £625,000 to the founder of BeLeave, before the June 2016 referendum. These donations were passed on to a Canadian data firm, Aggregate IQ, which is thought to have links with Cambridge Analytica, which had its headquarters searched by the Information Commissioner’s Office earlier this week.




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