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Saturday, 18 May 2024 – 11:21

Veterans and world leaders mark D-Day anniversary 75 years on

D-Day veterans have made the journey to Normandy to attend commemorations, 75 years on from the Normandy invasion.

Veterans and world leaders have been marking the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, with the day of commemorations beginning with a lone piper marking the moment the first UK soldiers went ashore. At 06:26 BST, the exact minute the first British troops landed on the beaches in 1944, a lone piper played on part of the Mulberry Harbour in the town of Arromanches.

Outgoing UK Prime Minister Theresa May said that she was humbled to be able to mark the moment with veterans, who belonged to a “very special generation”.

“A generation whose unconquerable spirit shaped the post-war world. They didn’t boast. They didn’t fuss. They served

“And they laid down their lives so that we might have a better life and build a better world.

“If one day can be said to have determined the fate of generations to come in France, in Britain, in Europe and the world, that day was June 6, 1944”

Theresa May


It was on D-Day, 6 June 1944, that troops from the UK, the US, France and Canada attacked German forces on the coast of northern France. The operation was the largest military naval, air and land operation which had ever been attempted, and was designed at bringing an end to World War 2.

US President Donald Trump later told US veterans that they were “the pride of the nation”.

French President Emmanuel Macron said speaking to veterans that we owe them “our freedom”

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn described the service as “beautiful and inclusive”, in memory of those “who died in Normandy and ultimately helped to defeat the scourge of fascism”.

Anniversary events had started on Wednesday, with leaders from every country that fought alongside the UK on D-Day joining the Queen in Portsmouth, including Mr Trump on the final day of his UK state visit.

Two veterans, Harry Read, aged 95, and John Hutton, aged 94 were greeted with cheers as they entered Normandy by parachute, 75 years after their first landing.

Memorial services and commemorations are continuing to take place in Normandy, and also elsewhere as we remember D-Day on the 75th anniversary.



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