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Tuesday, 18 June 2024 – 16:13

Uncertainty and drama as US Election remains too close to call

The Race to the White House is continuing, with the 2020 US Presidential Election remaining too close to call.

The race is currently on a knife-edge with no clear winner and vote-counting is continuing in key battleground states. A full result from the election might not be known for days and if launched, legal challenges could see any results continue to be uncertain for weeks.

Incumbent President Trump, who appears to have done better than predicted by pollsters, has declared victory despite this being false with millions of votes still to be counted. Joe Biden has said he believes he is on course to win, and results so far show that he has a slight edge in the race to the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the election.

Trump has been heavily criticised after making baseless claims about fraud and the Democrats trying to ‘steal’ the election. There is no such evidence of this and social media platform Twitter has labelled a tweet by Trump claiming there to be fraud as misleading and contested.

Biden’s campaign has called Trump’s statement ‘outrageous’ and said ‘the counting will not stop’.

Trump has been arguing against the counting of postal ballots, tens of millions of which are still to be counted and look likely to determine the outcome of the election. Trump has claimed that postal voting is fraudulent, despite having no evidence to back up this claim and has said he would launch a Supreme Court challenge.

Key states left to watch include Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona, though results in some of these states could take days to be concluded.

The US is on course for its highest turnout in more than a century, largely driven by postal votes due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The next hours (and quite possible days and weeks) are expected to bring more drama as the contest remains tight.

So, no result yet – but then it is 2020, of course, it wasn’t going to be simple.


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