The Speaker
Friday, 24 May 2024 – 23:27

UK set to lose out on new phone price caps

The European Parliament had passed a directive to see a legal cap on the prices of phone calls and text messages between EU countries.

The cap would see the maximum price for calls limited to around 16p a minute, and 5p max per text message.

The directive is designed to save consumers money, with some countries in the EU having rates as high as 70p a minute.

However, it is understood that Britain may lose out on the benefits of the new directive after Brexit. To keep the benefits, it is thought the UK would be required to stay in the single market, something Theresa May has repeatedly refused.

The UK will be required to apply all EU directives until December 2019 – so consumers may save money for a short time leading up to the end of the transition period.

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