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Thursday, 18 April 2024 – 20:52

UK Foreign Office issues warning to British Tourists travelling to Turkey

The UK Foreign Office has urged British tourists travelling to Turkey to be wary of the impending violence that may strike during the Turkish parliamentary elections following the 24th of June this year.

The UK government has released a statement as an update to travel advice which says that:

“Presidential and parliamentary elections will take place on 24 June 2018. This may result in rallies and demonstrations around the country. You should avoid large gatherings and follow the advice of the local authorities.”

Due care will be applied to security measures on flights from Turkey to the UK.

They have commented on public safety and found that:

“The Turkish authorities have successfully disrupted attack planning in the recent past and have said that security has been tightened in response to recent attacks.” – a statement from the Foreign Office in reference to the failed military coup on the 15th and 16th of July, 2016.

For the latest travel advice from the UK Foreign Office, visit

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