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Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 21:11

Trump set to meet Kim Jong Un

In a major breakthrough, it is thought Kim Jong Un is set to meet with Donald Trump by May, according to officials in South Korea.

This meeting would come after a year of the two leaders insulting each other and rising tensions as a result of North Korea’s nuclear programme. 

South Korea has said that North Korea is “committed to denuclearisation.” It is thought that North Korea will not run any future missile tests. 

President Trump has talked of great progress on the North Korea issue in recent days. The reports of a potential meeting come just days after South Korea and North Korea officials met as relations have been improving. It is thought that it was Kim Jong Un’s father’s last wish to end the use of nuclear weapons in the country – a wish that Kim Jong Un seems to be trying to make happen. South Korea told reporters earlier this week that Kim Jong Un was prepared to give up nuclear weapons if the security of his regime was guaranteed.


South Korean President Moon Jae In has said a meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will be a “historical milestone.”

Details for the meeting are yet to be confirmed, but it is thought the two leaders may meet in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang.

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