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Wednesday, 29 May 2024 – 21:07

Tory rebels disagree with amendment to EU withdrawal bill

An EU Withdrawal Bill amendment has been rejected by rebel Conservative MPs.

Former attorney general Dominic Grieve discussed the wording of the clause with the government, with the amendment aimed at giving MPs a greater say in the Brexit deal if no deal was to be reached by the government.

The new amendment consisted of a debate on motion “in neutral terms” if a Brexit deal was not determined by the end of January 2019. However, Grieve and Tory rebels in Parliament did not agree with this.

Grieve was present at the original meeting for the amendment and considers the new amendment to be unacceptable as it made it even more difficult for MPs to have a say in the government’s proposals.

Brexit shadow secretary Keir Starmer stated:

“The government’s amendment is simply not good enough. Theresa May has gone back on her word and offered an amendment that takes the meaning out of the meaningful vote. Parliament cannot – and should not – accept it.”

Tory rebel MP Anna Soubry tweeted:

“I understand the Govt has tabled an amendment that has not been agreed by Dominic Grieve. Grateful for the conversations but without consultation what was agreed earlier today has been changed.”

Due to the disagreement, another talk will be held for the Grieve amendment by Conservative peers in order to debate the issue in the House of Lords on Monday.

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