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Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 20:45

Tory drug race and Sudan’s crisis: previewing a week in politics

Tory leadership

The big news of the upcoming week is the official start of the Conservatives leadership campaign. With Theresa May’s resignation becoming effective last Friday, the race has officially begun, with the list of contenders now seemingly confirmed.

The week is likely to see a few more candidates drop out of the race, whilst the big names within the party are likely to start endorsing some of their favourites. James Cleverly kicked off the endorsements, throwing his weight behind Boris Johnson after himself pulling out of the race last week.

Expect the ensuing week to continue being a race to the bottom, with more candidates possibly unveiling their past drug use like Michael Gove has, and drip-feeding potential policies to the press.

United States

Trump returns to America this week and is likely to face renewed calls for his impeachment. After Robert Müller spoke publicly about his special counsel report into collusion, Democrats and some Republicans have stepped up talk about wrongdoing.

Müller made it clear that there was obstruction of justice committed by the Trump campaign – the crime for which Nixon and Clinton were impeached – making it increasingly likely that Congress will take up and investigate the case.

Whether this will happen is not clear, with the Democratic leadership still worried about the proceedings distracting from the 2020 election, but it is clear that his return is going to be met by renewed calls to vacate the White House.


The protests in Sudan that The Speaker reported on in recent weeks has continued to erupt. Reports emerged of protesters being killed have continued to rise, with much of the media seeming to give little attention to the issues.

The Sudanese people have begun a general strike to win control from the clutches of the army. After Ethiopia attempted to mediate the crisis by meeting with opposition leaders, violence erupted once again, with many of those leaders subsequently being arrested.

The issue is likely to continue to escalate, with Sudan being crippled by the crisis.

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