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Saturday, 18 May 2024 – 10:20

Theresa May’s Set For Housing Speech Mocked

Theresa May delivered a speech today about the housing crisis, where she admitted a ‘worry’ about young people’s housing prospects. The speech in East London focused in on councils and developers not building enough houses and ‘sitting on land,’ with the Prime Minister saying ‘We must come together to ensure the homes are being built.’

However, May quickly became a target for PhotoShop and Twitter users as a result of an unwisely chosen backdrop of a brick wall for the speech.

Some Twitter users pointed to the fact that the PM had her “back against the wall” – others labelled the design as “fake mews” and as one worthy of a “school project.”

During the speech, Twitter users made comparisons between Theresa May and Thomas the Tank Engine, a Pink Floyd hit, Bob the Builder and even a chimney sweep while she attempted to deliver a key message on housing.



The Prime Minister was compared to Thomas The Tank Engine amongst other fictional characters…



Theresa May ironically had her back to the wall throughout the speech.



The Liberal Democrats Press Office couldn’t resist getting in on the act…



Perhaps the backdrop missed the point of this slogan – ‘Building a Britain fit for the future…’



This isn’t the first time Theresa May has been mocked because of a poor choice of set. In October, a wall mounted sign fell down during a speech by the Prime Minister, who was trying to convince an audience about her stability.

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