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Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 21:10

The Countdown Begins: One Year Until Brexit Day

Theresa May is completing a one-day tour of the UK today, with the UK set to leave the EU in one year.

The Prime Minister, who started her tour in Scotland, will also visit Wales, England and Northern Ireland. During her visits to all four home nations, the PM will try to show unity over Brexit across the country.

“Today, one year until the UK leaves the EU and begins to chart a new course in the world, I am visiting all four nations of the union to hear from people across our country what Brexit means to them.”

“I am determined that as we leave the EU, and in the years ahead, we will strengthen the bonds that unite us because ours is the world’s most successful union.”

Housing Minister and Brexiteer Dominic Raab has said “What the Prime Minister is doing is taking the positives forward and explaining them to all four corners of the UK”

In her first trip of the day, Theresa May has visited a textiles producer in Scotland.

The Labour Party’s shadow chancellor told Sky News he was not particularly looking forward to today: “I don’t think we’re much further on than, certainly, six months ago.” “And, the worrying thing is that it isn’t another 12 months before we leave the EU, actually, we’ve got about six months until we have to sign up to a deal.”

Mr McDonnell also commented, “a lot of the issues just aren’t being addressed, so it’s quite worrying.” “It’s just chaotic at the moment.”

With just 12 months until Brexit day, do you think the UK is making good progress in negotiations with the EU? Comment your thoughts and tweet us @speakerpolitics

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