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Saturday, 18 May 2024 – 10:38

Teacher recruitment agencies to face fees crackdown by Education Secretary

Recruitment agencies in England that charge schools “excessive” amounts of money to find and hire teachers are set to face a fees crackdown by the Government’s education secretary, Damien Hinds.

The move comes after Mr Hinds said last month that he would help cut unnecessary costs from schools, amid warnings from head teachers and senior teaching staff across the country that school budgets are in a state of crisis.

The move aims to curb the fees that agencies can charge schools for advertising staff and long and term supply teacher vacancies.

The announcement by the Education Secretary said the following would be implemented;

  • a website to advertise full and part-time teacher vacancies free of charge to schools
  • an official list of agencies that do not charge extra fees if supply staff are made permanent within a set time period
  • agencies on the list should set out the fees they charge on top of supply staff wages

Advertising teaching vacancies currently costs school’s in England up to £75m a year. Mr Hinds said the changes would allow school’s to better control their costs.

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