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Wednesday, 17 July 2024 – 20:15

Sudanese crisis and the Tory leadership cull: previewing a week in politics

Tory Leadership

The Tory leadership race runs into its second week, with four candidates already eliminated. This week will see at least three more contenders thrown out of the race, with more votes set to be held amongst the parliamentary party on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

During these votes, it seems likely that Raab, Stewart and Gove could be knocked out, with only Boris Johnson looking like he will comfortably reach the final ballot at this stage. It has been increasingly likely that Hunt will be the favoured candidate amongst the parliamentary party to face Johnson in the electorate and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the field whittled down to the final two by the end of this week.


Despite struggling to make much of an impact in the media, the Sudan crisis continues to escalate, with violence underpinning the last few weeks of Sudanese life. Social media has been awash with support for the Sudanese people, with people changing their profile pictures to the indigo blue that was the favourite colour of protester Mohammed Hashim Mattar; gunned down during the last weeks of protest.

This coming week it is likely that the crisis will be increasingly noted by the media, with social media outpouring being impossible to ignore. Protests in solidarity have arisen across Europe, with thousands offering their support to protesters.

Mauritania goes to the polls

One of the most left-field stories our briefing has ever covered, Mauritania are set to elect the next president of the nation. Similar to the French system, Mauritania will hold the first vote this week, with a second held on July 6th should no candidate secure a majority.

Three independents will face the polls on Saturday, along with candidates representing Union for the Republic, Tewassoul and Union of Democratic Forces. Little polling is available on this election, but if you know more about the election, or want us to publish a more in-depth look at Mauritania, then let us know on twitter!

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