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Top reactions to Jackie Weaver and chaotic Handforth Parish Council meeting

Top reactions to Jackie Weaver and chaotic Handforth Parish Council meeting

A chaotic Zoom meeting from Handforth Parish Council in December 2020 has become a viral hit on social media.

Video clips from the meeting have been viewed millions of times on social media, with meeting host Jackie Weaver quickly rising to fame. During a heated meeting on 10 December, Ms Weaver showed determination and confidence while facing insults from a number of councillors, which she ultimately kicked off the Zoom call.

Meeting chair Brian Tolver had told Ms Weaver, who had only been called in to 'support' councillors at the Parish Council, that she had "no authority" before he was kicked out of the call.

Former Chancellor George Osborne tweeted that he didn't remember Handforth Parish Council being "quite so lively" when he was an MP in the area. 

The meeting has been trending on Twitter and extended highlights have been shared on YouTube.

The social media storm comes as the UK remains in lockdown and over the last year, people of all ages have been trying to get used to online meetings. As well as chaotic scenes with a dispute over the legitimacy of the meeting, there were people taking phone calls on the meeting, laughter and swearing audible on the recording.

In a series of media interviews, Ms Weaver had revealed that she hadn't expected that she would become such a hit on social media and said that she had received 'nothing but positive support' after remaining calm in the meeting while facing insults. She added that most meetings were much less exciting.

Here's a pick of some of the public's reactions and memes to the viral sensation...



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