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Monday, 20 May 2024 – 23:00

Socialists strike coalition deal with Podemos in Spain

Spain’s centre-left Socialists and far-left Podemos have agreed to form a coalition government.

The agreement comes after no party won an overall majority in the election held in Spain on Sunday. The deal would see the two parties hold a combined number of 155 seats in the lower chamber of Congress, still 21 seats short of a majority. Therefore the two parties will still need to reach a deal with other parties in order to form a government.

The Socialists (PSOE) won 120 seats in the election while the Podemos (UP) party won 35 seats. Both parties lost seats in the election, and significant gains were made by right-wing parties.

The election was triggered after the PSOE failed to find enough support for a new government after it won an election in April as the largest party. 

Pedro Sánchez, the acting Prime Minister and leader of the PSOE announced the agreement following a meeting on Tuesday afternoon. Mr Sánchez, who just months ago failed to reach a deal in order to form a government, said;

“The Spanish people have spoken and now it’s time for its political leaders to implement that will and to overcome the deadlock that Spain has suffered in recent times.”

The election on Sunday was the fourth in Spain in just four years. Spain has experienced significant political instability in recent times and the campaign running up to the election was somewhat overshadowed by the crisis in Catalonia, including violent demonstrations and protests.


Photo: Pedro Sánchez | Credit: European Union / European Parliament via Flickr under licence (CC BY 4.0)

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