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Saturday, 20 April 2024 – 22:23

Social Media firms must protect children, says Hunt

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said that social media firms are failing to provide adequate safeguards for children.

Mr Hunt said he was ‘disappointed’ at the level of progress on issues such as age verification, cyber-bullying prevention and screen time limits.

In a letter to bosses of social networks, Mr Hunt said ‘I fear that you are collectively turning a blind eye to a whole generation of children being exposed to the harmful emotional side effects of social media prematurely.””

“This is both morally wrong and deeply unfair on parents, who are faced with the invidious choice of allowing children to use platforms they are too young to access, or excluding them from social interaction that often the majority of their peers are engaging in.”

The Health Secretary said that the Government was not ruling out the option of imposing new legislation on social media companies.

The firms have been given just over a week to set out a plan of how they will tackle the issues.


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