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Sunday, 19 May 2024 – 18:03

Sian Berry and Jonathan Bartley elected to co-lead Green Party

Sian Berry and Jonathan Bartley have been elected to lead the Green party of England and Wales together.

Bartley previously shared leadership of the party with MP Caroline Lucas who did not stand to be re-elected.

Ms Berry, London Assembly member, has been voted to serve her two year term as the co-leader.

Bartley and Berry were both up against Shahrar Ali and Leslie Rowe, former deputy leader and former parliamentary candidate respectively.

The pair won a total of 6,239 votes out of 8,379. Whilst Mr Ali and Ms Rowe received 1,466 votes and 495 votes.

Additionally, Deputy leader Amelia Womack has been re-elected for her third term with a total of 3,981 votes out of 7,369.

The newly elected co-leaders stated that they are willing to be “the opposite of vapid, old school centrist politics” through dealing with the most pressing issues that Britain has been facing such as the housing crisis and Brexit.

They also promised thatt they intend to implement a “fiercer Green resistance”.

Mr Bartley stated: “When faced with the environmental destruction of fracking or the spiralling costs of HS2, or the inhumanity of indefinite detention and forced removals of refugees and migrants, we are not afraid to join protestors putting their bodies on the line for what is right”.



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