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Lockdown in Scotland to be eased from next week

Lockdown in Scotland to be eased from next week

Some lockdown measures in Scotland are likely to be eased from May 28, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced.

From Thursday 28 May, people in Scotland will be allowed to meet people from outside their own household and will be allowed to play some sports, including tennis and golf - though while adhering to social distancing measures. People will also be allowed to travel for exercise but will be advised to stay close to home when going out and to stay at home as much as possible.

Additionally, garden centres and recycling facilities will be allowed to reopen.

The slight easing of lockdown measures was announced by Ms Sturgeon as she unveiled a four-phase 'route map' easing restrictions, speaking to the Scottish Parliament today.

Some lockdown measures were eased in England last week, and confusion was sparked over whether measures announced by the UK Prime Minister applied to just England or all four nations of the United Kingdom. The First Ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have since sought to make clear that they are setting out their own measures for their own nations and that timescales announced by Downing Street do not necessarily apply to people in the devolved nations.

In her speech on Thursday, Ms Stugeon said that schools in the country will reopen on 11 August, but there will be a blended learning type approach for schools when they do return.


Photo Credit: Scottish Parliament, licenced under the Open Scottish Parliament Licence V.2

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