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Saturday, 20 July 2024 – 07:22

Records show Scotland has highest rate of drug-related deaths in Europe

Scottish ministers urge for an increase in funding for drug addicts to seek help in light of a significant increase in death rates due to overdoses.

Records in Scotland show the highest level of drug-related deaths within Europe. The recorded number of deaths was 934 where people in Scotland have lost their lives due to this issue.

This figure amounts to more than double the amount of drug-related death rates throughout the UK.

In most of the incidents, it has been found that the deaths may have been caused by drugs such as heroine and methadone. Some of the other drugs that have had an impact on these figures are sedatives, cocaine and synthetic drugs which amounted to 337 deaths in total.

Also, a long term pattern of use was demonstrated throughout the research with most documented addicts being over the age of 35.

Persons of this age group are identified as the “Trainspotting generation” who used to consume drugs during the 1980s and 90s.

Chief executive of the Scottish Drugs Forum charity, David Liddell, has stated that due to the lack of required funding for addiction treatment centres, there has been a significant increase in drug death rates compared to traffic-related ones.

Mr Liddell has urged that the NHS and other local authorities need to invest more in targeted care schemes and centres for individuals with personalised issues such as addicts.

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