I mean, this is a great idea, who cannot love this idea!

Nick Conrad, BBC Radio Norfolk


Find out what the press has been saying about The Speaker, and relive our interviews on demand.

The young group of political journalists have successfully transmitted their work throughout the country, and across the globe.

That's TV

That's TV

That's TV invited us to their Norfolk studios in April 2018 to find out more about The Speaker. Watch the interview here on demand.

In the millennial generation of being glued to our phones, a group of clever politically informed sixth formers decided to create a website to simply explain and regularly update a young audience on British politics.

That's Norfolk TV

BBC Radio Norfolk

BBC Radio Norfolk invited us to their breakfast show to discuss The Speaker, fake news and why it is important for young people to engage in politics. Listen to the interview, from 02:20:40 by clicking here.

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