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Saturday, 18 May 2024 – 10:31

Police make inquiries at Edinburgh Airport over Alex Salmond sexual misconduct

Edinburgh Airport has been aiding police with their investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against Alex Salmond.


The former first minister of Scotland is facing two accusations that were made this year first dating to 2013 and then 2008, which the now-retired SNP member strongly denies.


A spokesman for Edinburgh Airport said: “We can confirm that we are assisting Police Scotland with its inquiries. We cannot comment further at this time.”


According to Sky News, female employees made complaints about behaviour that they considered inappropriate from a decade ago.


The allegations sparked a government investigation when they were formally made in January 2018. Salmond has begun a legal case against the government in response to the investigation.


A Police investigation began in September after receiving the allegations and beginning an initial inquiry in August. Police interviewed staff at the airport last week.


A spokesperson for Alex Salmond said of the investigation: “Mr Salmond denies all suggestions of misconduct at any time and suggests that everyone should allow police inquiries to take their proper course”.


Alex Salmond has yet to be interviewed by the police and his case against the government will be heard in January 2019.

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