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Saturday, 18 May 2024 – 10:40

Podcasts teaching us more about Cimate Change

As days go by, the need to act on climate change becomes increasingly urgent.

Whether you’re a frequent activist or are still learning about the issue of climate change, there are lots of podcasts out there that can be useful in keeping you in the know. Podcasts can give you a wealth of information about climate change brought to you by people from all different walks of life, helping us to inform others, reflect on our habits and plan to bring about change. Here are four podcasts out there right now;


1. Extinction Rebellion Podcast 

The Extinction Rebellion Project is based on the idea of three demands. The first of these is ‘tell the truth’, meaning that the Government should tell the truth by admitting an ecological and climate emergency. The second demand is ‘act now’, referring to the immediate action required to reduce greenhouse emissions to net-zero by the year 2025. The third demand is named ‘beyond politics’, stating that the government must be led by the decisions of a Citizens Assembly. Episodes offer in-depth discussions about the climate situation along with plenty of special guests including Margaret Atwood, author of the dystopian novel ‘A Handmaid’s Tale.’


2. Climate Cast

In this podcast, Paul Huttner, Chief Meteorologist and radio show host discusses the most up to date research and insights on our changing climate. Paul talks about the efforts being made by major cities to reduce their impact on the environment. For instance, New York and San Francisco are attempting to limit or ban gas hookups for any new buildings. Tune in and learn about how your social media could offer scientists a picture of climate change plus ‘the record-breaking year for ocean temperatures’.


3. Mothers of Intervention

To the Mothers of Invention, climate change is a man-made problem with a feminist solution’. This podcast brings you the knowledge and great ideas of Maeve Higgins (a celebrated comedian) and Mary Robison (former Irish President). Come and meet a whole host of inspiring women with a mission to save the planet. Recent episodes have discussed themes such as greenhouse gases produced by the fashion industry and top solutions from an ocean conservationist. The Mothers of Intervention will teach you about the impact of climate change on health and how the food industry plays a part.

4. Reversing Climate Change

This podcast is about a range of different people, organizations and technologies all working together to fight and reverse climate change. Interviews have included guests such as David Roberts, a writer for Vox who focuses on politics in particular. Roberts provides his take on the climate, social trust and the health of our society. Other recent topics have included carbon removal and climate change vs economic growth.


Interested in listening to these podcasts or others? You can access any of these podcasts via your mobile phone, for on-the-go entertainment. If you prefer to listen via laptop, simply access the iTunes Store on your Macbook or Windows Device and copy and paste the titles to subscribe. For tips on how to do this and more on your Mac device, check out

These podcasts can’t tell us everything about the Climate Emergency, but they can certainly provide us with some useful and interesting insight.

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