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Monday, 20 May 2024 – 22:26

PM ‘regrets’ her reaction to the Grenfell Tower disaster

UK Prime minister Theresa May has said that she ‘regrets’ her reaction (or lack thereof) of the Grenfell Tower fire.

She felt that her not meeting the residents immediately after the incident made it appear that she “didn’t care”.

Almost a year since the disaster, she wanted to reassure the public and the survivors that that was “never the case”.

“What I did not do on that first visit was meet the residents and survivors who had escaped the blaze. But residents of Grenfell Tower needed to know that those in power recognised and understood their despair and I will always regret that by not meeting them that day, it seemed as though I didn’t care.” said Mrs May.

The Grenfell Tower inquiry found that 72 of the residents passed away in the fire. The inquiry is paused for a week as the memorials will take place this week which marks the one-year anniversary of the disaster.

A minute’s silence will take place on Thursday the 14th of June, outside the tower’s base where the survivors and the bereaved will gather. The 12 towers blocks around the area will be illuminated in green as a sign of solidarity.

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