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Friday, 12 April 2024 – 12:57

Pfizer makes Covid-19 vaccine breakthrough

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer have reached a major milestone in producing a vaccine that, according to preliminary trials, is 90% effective.

The company described it as a “great day for science and humanity”.

Pfizer, who were working with another company, BioNTech, plan on filing for emergency approval by the end of November, leading to some hope that there could finally be light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel.

The vaccine has been tested on 43,500 people across six countries and no safety concerns have been raised at this stage.

Whilst there are around 10 vaccines currently in the final stages of development, this is the first one that has been proven to show positive results.

The stage of the trial, known as phase three, is vital in ensuring that the vaccine would be safe for the public, with the breakthrough following reports that there was a small chance of there being a vaccine by the end of the year.

The vaccine works by taking part of the Covid-19 virus’ gene code and injecting it into the body, allowing the body to produce antibodies and become immune to the disease.

According to reports on the previous trials, this vaccine trains the body to produce the antibodies and the T-cells that the body needs in order to fight against a coronavirus infection.

Pfizer are hopeful that they can start to supply the vaccine this year, with upwards of 50 million doses available by the end of the year and potentially upwards of 1 billion throughout 2021.

The major concern at this stage is that after beating the virus, the body tends to lose the antibodies needed to fight it very quickly, meaning that immunity doesn’t last long. There are concerns over how long coronavirus immunity would last following receipt of the vaccine.

The company are expected to bring their trial to regulators in around two weeks time, suggesting that there is still a possibility that people could start receiving the vaccine as early as December.

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