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Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 22:26

Peace Amidst The Chaos: It Starts With You

NOTE: This is an opinion article – any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Speaker or any members of its team.

We all want to live in a more peaceful environment, but forcing everybody to change their ways all at once is futile.

The only real way to create change, is to make sure you’re demonstrating the actions that you would like to see in others. You can shout your beliefs from the rooftops, but people won’t listen if your actions don’t line up with that. Make sure you’re a walking embodiment of the peace you would like to see in the world, and you’ll have a much better time of helping the people you care about to change for the better. 

Below, you’ll find a few things you can do to create a more peaceful world. 


Stand Up For What You Believe In – But Be Respectful 

Standing up for what you believe in is important, but you must be respectful. People don’t like feeling spoken down to or preached at, and they will immediately switch off. If you throw name-calling or passive-aggressive behaviour in the mix, then you’ve got a recipe for disaster. When standing up for what you believe in, try to have a two-way discussion instead. Let people say what they want to say, and don’t just wait for your moment to chime in. Try to understand the other person better.


Protest Properly 

If you’re going to protest, then make sure you do so properly and not at the expense of others. Here you will find some good and not so good examples of protests so you get a good idea of how yours should go down. Protesting should always be done peacefully to have an impact. 


Stay Up To Date With Peace Leaders 

Make sure you stay up to date with peace leaders and what they are doing to make a change. You can look at pages like to be updated and stay in the know so you have an idea of how things are progressing. Many of them also have social media pages you can use to stay up to date with the latest news. 


Use Your Vote 

Make sure you use your vote! If there’s an election or another kind of vote that you have the chance to be involved in, take that chance. People died so that everybody could vote, and we have a chance to make a real change when we do so. It can be harder to persuade younger people to vote, but that’s why we need to set an example. You can head to a polling station, or if you know you’ll be busy or not around, you can vote by post or proxy. Make sure you take advantage of this! 


Creating peace really does all start with you. You need to become the peaceful person you want to see reflected back to you in the world, and you may start to notice that the people around you change, too. You won’t get anywhere preaching and shouting. Let your actions and beliefs speak for themselves. 


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