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Friday, 12 April 2024 – 16:48

Over 148 arrested in Extinction Rebellion protests

It is thought that over 148 people have been arrested so far during protests by the Extinction Rebellion in London.

Activists from the environmental group are protesting in cities around the world, including in Berlin, Vienna, New York, Sydney and Amsterdam, with organisers planning to shut down key sites and block roads.

The protests in London are due to take place for two weeks, according to the organisers.

The protests are calling for urgent action on global climate emergencies. However, the protests have caused widespread disruption with hundreds of campaigners blocking Westminster bridge, amongst other locations.

Activists have so far barricaded themselves to vehicles and demonstrated outside government departments, according to reports.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas has joined demonstrators in London on Monday, as have multiple celebrities including actor Sir Mark Rylance.

Extinction Rebellion wants greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced to net-zero by 2025 – faster than the current government’s commitment of 2050. The UK government declared a climate emergency back in May this year, but protestors are unhappy with action so far taken by the government.

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