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Should The Most Powerful Man In The World Be Denied A State Visit?

NOTE: This is an opinion article – any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Speaker or any members of its team.

Over one year ago the most controversial candidate for President of the US was inaugurated, just under 31 million people watched it. I remember watching this very event at home, thinking to myself that Trump’s first year won’t be boring and I was right. But it is a joke and completely pathetic that some people are calling to deprive him of a state visit and plan to protest if he does come, he is the leader of the free world and a symbol of democracy for goodness sakes!


From the threat of nuclear war, to Russian collusion and countless inflammatory tweets this first year rocketed by at lightning speed, and the next three years will be sure to go quickly too. During his first year he has been bombarded with abusive comments, like no president before him. Admittedly he is a inflammatory character, but just because you don’t like someone you don’t say vile and despicable things about them. Its cyber bullying, but how much of the abuse towards Trump was justified? I believe it is not as much as you think.


Many Tweet saying that he is in no fit state to be president of the US, some even say he is ‘mentally ill” however just recently Trump had a medical examination. The doctor who performed the examination said that his health was very good both physically and mentally, scoring 30/30 in the cognitive test. So he may very well be a stable genius. He has never drunk alcohol, smoked or even taken a single drug. Unlike Obama who smokes and drinks quite regularly and has admitted to taking drugs in his youth but these accusations were never directed at Obama.


At the start of his premiership Obama unfairly slated Trump, with a close family friend telling the daily mail that “His (Obamas) goal is to oust trump by forcing his resignation or through impetment.” But for some reason Obama is a presented as a moral saint by the media and the public, and Trump is the devil. Obama’s state visit was not even questioned and Trumps is in serious doubt. Firstly, people don’t associate Obama with a hard immigration stance, and mass deportation; instead he is associated with acceptance. The truth however, is far different. If I were to ask you how many people Obama deported in his eight year tenure you would state a low figure, probably 10,000 or 15,000.  However it was 3 million people! Nearly a million more than George W Bush (the republican president) in the 8 years previous to Obama and it wasn’t like he was deporting just major criminals, over 1.5 million people were deported for traffic and cannabis offences! Hardly the all accepting ‘saint’ the media make him out to be, in my opinion this is much more of an outrage than anything Trump has done but Obama was welcomed to British shores with open arms whereas we are shutting the gates on Trump.


Another myth about the beloved Obama is that he was very reluctant to use the death sentence; this myth turns out to be a blatant lie. New figures have been released showing that in 2016 US special operations were active in 138 countries, a 130% increase from Bush’s administration, in the same year 26171 bombs were dropped on the predominantly Muslim countries; Libya, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Iran and Iraq. These numbers are much larger than Trumps are predicted to be. But when he did this where was the media outcry? Where were the protests? Where were the people arguing to deny Obama a state visit? There were none, which is an utter disgrace. The only reason for this is the fact Obama is the media’s darling, a man who can do no wrong but in fact it turns out that he was a bigger threat to Muslims than Trump, who would have thought?

And it doesn’t end there…


Obama’s presidency was littered with broken promises, the biggest one being his pledge to tackle gun crime. Now, before I begin this point I don’t condone Trump‘s attitude to the mass shootings in the US of recent times. For Trump to say, just after the Las vegas shooting that it was “not the time to talk about gun control” was quite frankly ludicrous and I also believe Trump’s idea that more guns can solve this epidemic problem is completely idiotic and absurd.

However, when the US population voted for Trump they were under no illusions that he would bring about any gun control change; When they voted for Obama on the other hand, they were.  Obama’s government saw 250,000 people killed by gun violence and in that time there was NO change in gun law. After 20 children were ruthlessly gunned down at Sandy Hook Obama said he would ‘get into action’. But NOTHING happened. How is this an example of a trustable ‘saint’, and how was he able to walk into the UK on state visits with no questions asked?

Now the cliche of Trump‘s campaign. The famous wall. One of the main reasons for Trump’s lack of popularity. When he first announced he was going to stand for election back in 2015 he said he would build a “Great wall” and make Mexico pay for it to appeal to those who had enough of Mexican immigration. Now on the face of it, it does seem quite ridiculous to say the least.  However, over 6 million immigrants from Mexico entered the US illegally and some of these people could and do have serious criminal backgrounds. Even if just one out of these 6 million immigrants decided to commit just 1 murder before they are discovered that’s at least 10 people’s lives ruined whether it’s a father or mother who have lost their child or a child who’s lost one of their parents. Immagine if it was one of your parents or one of your children? So why is Trump being ridiculed for trying to prevent uncontrolled immigration and potentially deaths.

Now to the cost, $25 billion is needed to fully build the wall and make it operational. That is a huge amount but Trump has suggested that by charging Mexico more on import duties, he could effectively get them to pay for it. Mexico imports over $40 billion worth of auto parts, computer chips and petroleum products alone so this idea is actually possible and would work, some may say that it’s in fact genius.

It is true that Mexico are outraged by the wall, however this is very hypocritical as they built a wall between them and Guatemala for the exact same reasons as Trump so how is this any argument to prevent Trump a state visit?


Another issue Trump has been ridiculed for is allegedly saying that Africa is a collection of “shithole countries”. Admittedly if this is true he is wrong to say this. Africa is a beautiful continent, full of wonderful wildlife and scenery, not to mention many wonderful and yet underprivileged people. However their governments are fantastically corrupt, for example South Africa which is supposedly free from terrible regimes, is corrupt. Jacob Zuma, the president, used taxpayers money to build a swimming pool in one of his houses and said that it was a water storage divise just in case of a fire!  The former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe, was the dictator of the country for 30 years, utterly destroying its economy and spending tax money on himself while inciting violence to lengthen his rain. Then in 2017 his reign ended through military intervention, but this won’t make things any better for the people as a former colleague nicknamed the crocodile is now president.

So although Trump’s choice of words were unsavoury the actual facts behind the principle were nothing short of ‘saint’ like but this is yet another the the British people are ridiculing him about, saying “look at what trump said about Africa


Like him or loathe him he is the president of the US, voted in by the people of the united states. He is the most powerful man in the world, and a symbol of democracy. Furthermore the US is a country we will need to rely on to make a trade deal after Brexit.

Depriving him of a state visit is telling the population of the US they were wrong which is undemocratic and it’s extremely unfair on trump when you look at previous presidents performances.

With all these facts in mind should Trump be allowed a state visit?

The answer is unequivocally YES.


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