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Tuesday, 18 June 2024 – 16:37

Nigel Farage to return to frontline politics

Former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, has announced he is to return to frontline politics in order to fight against what he is calling Theresa May’s “fraudulent” Brexit plan. 

Mr Farage announced he would be part of a battle bus tour by Leave Means Leave to oppose the prime minister’s proposals, in particular, her Chequers plan. 

In an interview to Sky News, Mr Farage said “I can see that in the autumn there’s going to be a big campaign,”

“What they will try to do is to suspend Article 50, to delay the date on which we’re actually supposed to leave.

“It’s time we fought back.”

Opposing Theresa May’s Brexit Plans, the former UKIP leader said “Frankly, Chequers, and everything else that’s been happening in parliament, is nothing less than a direct betrayal of everything people voted for.”


How do you feel about Nigel Farage making a return to frontline politics? Comment your thoughts.

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