The Speaker
Thursday, 13 June 2024 – 08:23
Image Credit: UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor (CC BY 3.0)

MPs to vote on post-Brexit trade deal on 30 December

It has been confirmed that MPs in the House of Commons will debate and vote on the post-Brexit trade deal on Wednesday 30 December that has been reached between the UK and EU.

The Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle has granted a request from the Government to recall the House from 09:30 on 30 December, just hours after the announcement of a post-Brexit trade deal being reached between the UK and the EU.

The House of Lords will meet at 12pm on the same day.

While the agreement has been agreed in principle between the UK and EU, it must be ratified by both sides. It is expected that the deal will pass through the UK Parliament in one day, though the process of approving the deal in the EU is expected to take considerably longer.

The terms of the new treaty are set to apply from 1 January 2021.

Parliament is currently in recess, but under Standing Orders, the Speaker of the Commons can decide to recall the House if ministers have made a case to him that doing so is in the public interest.



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