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Monday, 20 May 2024 – 22:57

MPs talk post-Brexit Nuclear safety agreements

The UK has reached an agreement with international regulators which will replace Euratom.

After Brexit has been fully implemented, the UK will have to leave Euratom among many other European organisations.

Euratom stands for the European Atomic Energy Community which is set up to monitor nuclear safety and research and is highly crucial to the movement of fuel used for nuclear power plants.

Greg Clark, Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Secretary, says that the UK government will participate in negotiations with Hitachi’s Horizon Nuclear Power.

Rachel Reeves, Labour’s chair of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, highlights the importance of the UK’s membership of Euratom (The European Atomic Energy Community).

Shadow business secretary Rebecca Long Bailey is ‘concerned’ by the UK’s lack of ‘transparency’ on the finances of the nuclear project which she claims has been established by the investigations of the Japanese Press.

Greg Clark affirms that the UK has made “very good progress” in consolidating their new international nuclear safety agreement, the IAEA which will replace UK’s membership with Euratom. He also stated that the financing model for the power plant has not been finalised yet.

This was not received well by the public.

A petition has been set up against it and has approximately 6,000 signatures.

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