The Speaker
Monday, 24 June 2024 – 07:16

MPs reject Brexit bill timetable

In a blow to the government’s plans to deliver Brexit by October 31st, MPs in the House of Commons have voted down the Prime Minister’s timetable for getting his new Brexit deal through Parliament.

Mr Johnson had proposed that the Brexit bill go through the House of Commons in the space of just 3 days, however, MPs voted down the proposed timetable by a majority of 14 votes.

The defeat for the government came after MPs support the bill in its second reading, also on Tuesday evening.

The result means that the government has put the Brexit legislation on hold. The EU Council President, Donald Tusk has said that he will recommend a Brexit deadline extension to EU leaders in order to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

It is thought that the UK government may now push for an early general election.

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