The Speaker
Saturday, 2 December 2023 – 01:58

MPs call for Universal Credit cut to be scrapped in Commons vote

MPs have called on the Government to stop plans to cut the temporary £20 per week uplift to Universal Credit during a vote in the House of Commons this evening.

The vote, which took place on Monday’s Opposition Day in the Commons, was won by Labour by 278 votes. No MPs voted against the motion to oppose the cut, however, most Conservative MPs abstained following orders from Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The vote was non-binding and does not automatically change government policy, however, it may add pressure for such a change to take place.

A £20 per week (around £1,000 a year) increase in Universal Credit was introduced last year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, however, it is currently due to expire in April. Labour has called on the Government to keep the uplift in place to provide certainty to families who are currently struggling during the pandemic.

Six Conservative MPs voted with Labour on the motion, going against calls from Mr Johnson to abstain. 

Following the vote, Labour criticised the Government on social media for only sending a junior minister to the debate and for having “chosen to cut support for families in the middle of a pandemic by slashing Universal Credit”.


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