The Speaker
Friday, 24 May 2024 – 23:13

MP Esther McVey refuses to expand her apology over misleading claim

The Labour party has stated that Esther McVey has ‘broken ministerial code’ for misleading fellow MPs about welfare reforms after being strictly advised by parliament to step down from her position.

She has now declined to add more to her public apology.

On Thursday, McVey was asked about her claims which misled Parliament on three different issues which have been considered as highly critical issues for the National Audit Office.

Head of the NAO, Sir Amyas Morse sent an open letter on Wednesday which stated that she had misled MPs about the independent auditor’s views on universal credit.

Margaret Greenwood, the shadow work and pensions secretary told Parliament on Thursday:

“The secretary of state should be ashamed that she has been forced to come to this house again. If she misread this report so badly this brings in to question her competence and her judgment. If she did read the report and chose to misrepresent its findings, she has clearly broken the ministerial code. Either way, she should resign.”

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