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Monday 17 December 2018

Good Monday Morning.

Monday 17 December 2018 |  102 days until Brexit

Briefing By Nathan Shoesmith & Sam Haut


Three Points You Need To Know As You Wake Up

 Theresa May speaking with EU leaders at the summit in Brussels

Theresa May speaking with EU leaders at the summit in Brussels


May Attacks Blair While Her Ministers Prepare For A Second Referendum

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has attacked former PM Tony Blair over the weekend for his calls in support of a second referendum on Brexit. Tony Blair said on Friday that the PM should “switch course” and back a second referendum because of a deadlock in Parliament over the Brexit issue. Meanwhile, it has been reported that multiple cabinet ministers now support a second referendum. Additionally, Davis Lidington, who is effectively the PM’s deputy, has been meeting with Labour MPs to discuss the possibility of a new poll. Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, on the other hand, has claimed this week that a no deal is better than a second referendum. Some, but few ministers still state that they believe a Brexit deal can get through Parliament. 

Fifth Weekend of Protests In France

‘Yellow Vest’ protesters gathered in Paris and other major cities in France for the fifth weekend in a row to defy the French government. Only 66,000 protesters are thought to have taken to the streets this weekend – nearly half the amount last weekend. The ‘yellow vest’ movement and protesters originally started against a rise in fuel taxes but has since spread to other issues including education reforms and other policies set out by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Brexit Impact on Travellers Confirmed

The European Commission confirmed on Friday that Britons travelling to the EU after Brexit will not require a visa, but instead will need to apply for a separate document, to cost a €7 fee every three years. The document called an ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System) will enable British citizens to travel to anywhere in the EU for the €7 fee. The European Union has said the ETIAS will “strengthen security checks on those persons who travel visa-free to the EU”. The ETIAS is expected to come into force around 2021 under the current proposed Brexit deal. Until then, Britons will be able to travel to EU countries as normal.


Politics On Today’s Front Pages…

               brexit news          

The Metro Anti-immigration protesters hit with water cannon and tear gas in Brussels

Daily Express – EU’s Tusk takes huge swipe at Brexiteers ‘Consider your ethics!’ and warns of catastrophe 

The Daily Telegraph – Boris Johnson warns public would feel betrayed by second Brexit referendum

i – Article 50 will have to be ‘pulled’ if UK wants new Brexit deal

The Independent – Chinese ‘re-education camps’ for Uighur Muslims run like ‘concentration camps’, says Amnesty

The Guardian – Stephen Miller says Trump prepared to shut down government over border wall

The Daily Mirror – Theresa May’s team furiously deny secretly planning Brexit second referendum

The Times – Sajid Javid bids to slash EU immigration by 80%


What To Watch Today

Theresa May will continue to attempt to salvage her Brexit deal in the coming week, but she does so with a cabinet seemingly split on the way forward for Brexit. 

And In Other News…

Thousands of demonstrators clashed in Brussels yesterday against a UN migration pact, signed in Marrakech last week.

Photo Credit: BBC

Photo Credit: BBC News


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