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Meet The Team

At The Speaker, we deliver impartial and inclusive coverage of the latest political news on a mission to inspire the next generation in politics - but this would not be possible without our extraordinary team. Our team all come from different backgrounds, different places and with different ambitions. However, what brings them all together is a collective enthusiasm for politics and motivation to inspire the next generation.


Meet the leaders driving forward our mission to inspire the next generation.

Nathan Shoesmith

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Nathan is our MD and oversees all of our operations here at The Speaker. Nathan is motivated towards making positive change - delivering more than just a news website, but a resource for all. 
Located in the South East and North West of England, Nathan is committed to making a positive difference in both local and wider communities. Nathan teaches and competes in swimming, his favourite TV Show is Line of Duty and he is an avid supporter of Premier League team Norwich City FC. In 2019, Nathan was featured in the Independent's Happy List as one of '50 of the most inspirational people whose kindness, ingenuity and bravery have made Britain a better place to live.'

Calum Paton

Deputy Managing Director

Calum is our deputy managing director. Working closely with our MD, Calum mainly focuses on business development though still produces some new content for our readers. Calum was formerly our Global News Manager, reporting from Melbourne, Australia.
Calum is a history and politics student at the University of Warwick. Originally from London, Calum has written for many political and non-political publications in the past and has a particular interest in American and Australian politics. Calum's favourite film is The Post and his favourite book is Down and out in Paris and London by George Orwell. 

Stephanie Whitehead

Content Manager

Stephanie is our Content Manager, involved with monitoring the latest stories from the world of politics, editing and authoring analysis pieces, and working alongside our Executive Team to drive the future development of The Speaker.
Originally from Shropshire, Stephanie is currently a final year undergraduate at Swansea University studying French and Politics, having just returned from her year abroad teaching with the British Council in France. Her main political interests are democracy, International Relations and Public and Social Policy. Steph also enjoys travelling and additionally attending live music events.

Our Founders

The Speaker was co-founded by four politics students back in March 2018. Our co-founders spotted a gap in the market for an impartial and accessible political news website, especially one aimed at young people. Today, our co-founders continue to support and assist the growth and development of The Speaker.

Nathan Shoesmith


George Bowman


Emily Oxbury


Henry Earl


Regular Contributors

At The Speaker, we like to celebrate the work of external contributors. We accept a wide range of guest contributions which share views and analysis on key political issues - some contributors offer to share their work with our audience on a regular basis, and we like to recognise these individuals and their journeys here.

Sam Haut

US Contributor

Sam has been contributing his views and analysis on top US political news stories since 2018 while studying journalism at Ithaca College.
Sam is currently a junior at Ithaca College studying journalism in the Roy H. Park School of Communications, with a minor in politics. Sam's political interests include elections, the constituency link and public policy's impact on the public. His favourite movie is 12 Angry Men and a fun fact is that Sam has broken his ankle four times in the same place.

Jane Corscadden

Northern Ireland Contributor

Jane is passionate about political engagement and has been contributing views and analysis on top political news stories from Northern Ireland since 2019.
Jane graduated from Queen's University Belfast with a degree in Politics, and is due to start her Journalism MA at University of Ulster, Coleraine in 2019. She volunteered in Miami, FL during the 2018 mid-term elections and is passionate about political engagement. Her favourite book is 'The Catcher in the Rye' by J.D Salinger and she lives for a good pint.

Emily Sims

Environment Contributor

Emily has been contributing views and analysis on news related to the environment since 2019 while studying at university.
Emily is currently studying Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia. She has a keen interest in the environment, as well as UK politics and international relations and how this relates to environmental issues. Her favourite book is Becoming by Michelle Obama and her favourite TV show is House of Cards.

Alana Roberts

European Contributor

Alana has been contributing views and analysis of some of the biggest political news stories from Europe since 2019.
Alana is currently studying for a masters in EU Politics. Her undergraduate degree was in European Studies and French and she spent a year living in Paris. Alana is interested in the EU as well as European affairs more broadly, with a particular passion for EU foreign policy. Alana has always been keen to make the EU more accessible and understandable to citizens. As a self-confessed Europhile, she is fascinated by European languages and cultures, and is a huge Eurovision fan.

Jack Crockford


An aspiring journalist, Jack has been contributing his views and analysis on key political news stories since 2020.
Originally from Shropshire, Jack is a first year undergraduate student studying Politics and International Relations at the University of Bristol. He has a particular passion for US politics, stemming from his fascination with historical events such as Watergate and the Vietnam War. His favourite film is Forrest Gump and his favourite book is Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

Adam Walsh


An aspiring journalist, Adam has been contributing views and analysis of key political news stories since 2018.
Originally from Grimsby, Adam is currently based in York as a third-year undergraduate student studying Media Production: Journalism (BJTC) at York St John University. Adam has experience writing news stories for his local student publication The Yorkie, of which he is a founding member, as well as this he has a monthly news show broadcast from York-based community station, Two Rivers Radio. Adam hopes to continue his studies at postgraduate level through a politics-related course. 

Jamie Dunkerley


Jamie has been contributing views and analysis of top political news stories since 2019 while studying at the University of Bristol.
Born in Macclesfield, Cheshire, Jamie is a final year undergraduate studying Law at the University of Bristol. He intends to travel and work abroad after his degree. A big Manchester United fan and rugby player, Jamie has a keen interest in literature and films; his favourite authors are Fitzgerald and Easton Ellis, and his favourite film is Apocalypse Now.

Raynard Rabiul Tsani

Asia Contributor

Raynard has been contributing views and analysis of top political news stories from the Asia region since 2019 while studying at university.
Raynard is an undergraduate student studying international relations in Japan from Jakarta, Indonesia. He is especially interested in International Political Economy, especially in the region of Asia. In addition, Raynard is interested in state development in general and how Asia stands in international relations and politics. His favourite book is Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl and he is an avid fan of martial arts.

Freya India Ager


Freya has been contributing her views and analysis on key political news stories since 2019.
Originally from Essex, Freya is currently based in London studying Politics at King’s College. Having interned for Bloomsbury Publishers and The Daily Mirror, she has a huge passion for writing and is particularly interested in current affairs, international relations and the psychology behind politics. Other keen interests include music and ballet.

Olive Lineham


Olive has been contributing views and analysis on top political news stories since 2018, mainly focusing on the South Asia region.
Olive is going into her third year at the University of Sheffield studying Politics and International Relations. She produces and co-presents her weekly radio show ‘Politics Weekly’ and is a frequent contributor to her university’s student newspaper, Forge. She has previously worked with Reuters and Press Association and has an upcoming placement with the BBC. She hopes her contributions to the industry as a woman of colour will help to create a more diverse and inclusive space for young journalists.

Hamza Ali Shah


Hamza been contributing his views since 2019.
Hamza is based in London and currently studying an International Relations Masters at Kings College London. He is particularly interested in the trajectory of the world amid a surge of authoritarian nationalism and shifting power relations. Other keen interests include football and tennis.

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