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The Speaker was launched in Spring 2018, aiming to makes politics easily accessible, inclusive and simple for everyone to understand. Together, with the joint expertise of our team, and political experts from across the globe, we bring you the latest headlines, analysis, opinions and more, all available at the click, tap or swipe of a button.
We're now expanding our operations and have exciting opportunities currently open for applications.
Brand Ambassador
The Speaker is recruiting for university students to join our global team as brand ambassadors. 
The Speaker is a political news website and educational resource built by students, for students, aiming to inspire the next generation in politics. At The Speaker, we deliver impartial analysis and take care to report the facts, without the jargon. We’ve got everything students and young people need in order to keep up with the latest politics news - whether it’s for their studies or in order to form an opinion of the current political climate. We’ve also launched #InspireNextGen - our dedicated campaign to inspire the next generation, explaining how politics works and how young people can get involved and get inspired, with useful guides, articles and exclusive interviews.
We currently serve an audience in over 130 countries across the globe and have been featured on radio, TV and by multiple education blogs. 
The role of a brand ambassador for The Speaker is to raise the awareness of The Speaker within the ambassador's university. Our website at is freely available to all, and we’re on social media @speakerpolitics. The ambassador will also have the role to try and engage more students in politics and The Speaker.
The Speaker does not associate with any political party or organisation. The Speaker is run by a team of global volunteers and this Brand Ambassador role is also voluntary. However, we are able to help members of our team with development and progression.
To apply, please email us at
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News Manager (UK)
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