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Friday, 12 April 2024 – 16:12

May Survives Face-off with ’22 Committee

Last night, the Prime Minister appeared unscathed from her meeting with the Conservative backbenchers that make up The 1922 Committee, managing to survive against the odds of a possible no-confidence vote, for now.

Theresa May was given only 72 hours to save her job at the beginning of the week, with violent language coming from MPs criticising her ability to manage Brexit.

Hinging on these fears that the PM would not provide the kind of Brexit that would be good for the UK, yesterday’s meeting of “the 22” was to raise her some support among rebellious MP’s, openly opposing the Chequers deal and Brexiteers anxious not to extend negotiations with Brussels.

Paul Waugh, of the Huffington Post, wrote today that “I got a text from a non-aligned MP in ’22 last night saying the mood was “loyal and genuine…people want a deal. She’s not going to be replaced in short-term…sorry to be boring.” Indicating that the PM is safe for now.

Theresa May’s “emotional” plea to the gathered members of her party does appear to have rallied support for the challenges in the coming months.

However, former cabinet minister Nicky Morgan was quoted in the Metro saying it was not a long-term commitment: “Asked if Mrs. May had her backing, Ms. Morgan told ITV’s Peston: ‘She has, absolutely, for now. But I think we’ll probably, in the course of the next 12 months, we’ll be looking for a new leader.’”.

While the PM has survived this week of hurdles, there are more challenging scenarios yet to come.

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