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Monday, 24 June 2024 – 08:01

May secures ‘legally binding’ changes – but will it actually change anything?

UK Prime Minister Theresa May secured ‘legally binding’ changes on Monday night in the French city of Strasbourg while meeting with EU officials. However, whether these changes will be enough to change enough MP’s opinions on the Brexit deal remains to be seen.

There have been no changes to the withdrawal agreement text itself, with two documents instead being added to the table, aiming to give reassurances over the issue of the Irish backstop. Many MPs raised concerns over the Irish backstop as they feared the UK could become permanently locked in should negotiations with the EU fall down.

The UK is due to leave the EU is just 17 days time, but that could quite possibly change if Mrs May’s deal is defeated in tonight’s second meaningful vote.

Mrs May had been widely expected to lose the vote on her deal. At the time of writing, it looks unlikely that the two new documents will cause a large change needed in order to get the deal over the line. MPs have criticised May’s efforts as the withdrawal agreement has not been re-opened, and many are concerned over the wording of the bill which MPs will vote on Tuesday evening, as it suggests the risks related to the Irish backstop have only been ‘reduced’ rather than completely removed.

Stay with The Speaker for all the latest as Parliament votes on the Brexit deal for a second time.

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