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Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 00:10

May’s leadership safe for now but Tories demand departure date

Prime minister Theresa May has clung onto leadership after senior Tory MPs decided not to make an early challenge on her control but stated demand for a “clear timetable” on when she intends to resign.

The 1922 committee today refused to bring a new confidence vote in May’s leadership until December with current rules stating another vote should be held 12 months from the previous – in which she won by 200 votes to 117.

Pressure from Conservative rebels comes after May promised to leave office last month if MPs were able to gain a majority in parliament on the withdrawal agreement, and with the threat of a third Brexit extension past October 31 – MPs have been unapologetic in their attempts to oust her.

Speaking to the BBC the chairman of the 1922 committee, Sir Graham Brady, said the prime minister had “reached the clear determination that the rules should not be changed” after having debated the issue “at length”.

“I think the 1922 executive is asking on behalf of the Conservative Party in Parliament that we should have a clear road map forward,” he said.

“We haven’t set out a timetable, we asked her to set out a clear timetable, just to give some certainty and clarity to colleagues in Parliament and the wider Conservative Party and to the country most importantly.”

The fear of competing in European elections on May 23 is a concern of many MPs if May is unable to secure a Brexit deal before then, as well as local elections taking place on May 2, which could further fuel party divisions.



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