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Friday, 14 June 2024 – 06:09

May announces that MPs will have the chance to vote on delaying Brexit

Today (Tuesday), the Prime Minister has announced that MPs will be allowed to vote on a no-deal Brexit or whether to delay the UK’s departure from the European Union.


May has revealed that if she cannot get her withdrawal deal through Parliament by 12th March then the House of Commons will be granted the opportunity to vote on the issue of a no-deal Brexit in the following two days.


The first vote allowed to MPs would be on whether or not to go ahead with a no-deal Brexit on 13th March, if this is rejected by the house, the next day a vote to extend negotiations until June time will take place.


These votes will take place just two weeks before the 29th March deadline.


EU officials have stated that a short delay would be possible for the UK to properly complete its divorce agreement if requested.


One official dealing with the EU side of negotiations, Philippe Lamberts, said: “If the Withdrawal Agreement fails to gain support in the House of Commons on March 12th, then the UK must ask for an extension to Article 50 with a credible plan for holding a people’s vote on the final deal that includes an option to remain.”


However, it was made clear by the PM that this would remove the option of a no-deal Brexit.


On the topic of a no-deal Brexit Theresa May said: “An extension cannot take no deal off the table… the only way to do that is to revoke Article 50, which I shall not do, or agree a deal.”


It was not revealed how the Prime Minister intends to vote in relation to a no-deal Brexit.

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