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Saturday, 18 May 2024 – 11:43

Malaysian ships continue intruding in Singaporean waters

A Malaysian vessel called Polaris has been parked in Singapore’s water for several days to mark territory. During a media brief on 6 December, Singapore’s Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan presented a video showing Malaysian vessels intruding Singaporean waters.

Another video showcases a Malaysian buoy-laying vessel passing by a Singaporean ship. Such vessels are usually used by Malaysia to mark territory or safety hazard, but they are also capable of towing vessels or fighting marine fires. Furthermore, such vessels are used for training exercises and are equipped with classrooms, meeting rooms, a gym, and enough beds to fit 20 trainees.

The case of a Malaysian vessel has not been rare recently. Minister Khaw said that there had been already 14 cases of Malaysian vessels passing through the Singaporean territorial waters in the past two weeks after Malaysia extended its Johor Bahru Port Limits in October 2018.

Though “This particular Malaysian vessel has been there since Dec 3, I think – has been there for several days – and even as we speak…” Minister Khaw stated. He continued by saying that “There are three Malaysian vessels currently in our waters.”

According to the global ship tracking site MarineTraffic, the Malaysian ship has stopped in the waters off Tuas until Thursday. Then, the boat continued on its route and made a U-Turn to stay a little bit farther away from Singaporean borders.

Singapore has repeatedly clarified that Malaysia’s extension of its port limits violates its territory and its sovereignty. 

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