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Monday, 11 December 2023 – 06:03

Major websites go down in Fastly outage

A number of major websites have gone down around the world as a result of technical problems.

The UK Government’s website is one of the websites to have gone done, with users facing a 503 error. Twitch, Reddit, Shopify and a number of major media outlets such as The Guardian have also seen their websites go down.

The problem appears to be linked to the Fastly content delivery network.

A recent study by Merchant Machine found that a 24-hour internet outage would cost the global economy £37 billion, with Amazon potentially losing as much as £32 million per hour.

The problem now seems to have been mostly resolved, with most sites down for less than an hour. The same Merchant Machine study suggested that one hour of internet outage would cost £1.5 billion globally.


The Speaker’s online services all remain operational.


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